Thursday, January 26, 2006


It was a hot afternoon.The scroching heat of the sun was the only prevailing member on the streets.My ming went blank on the day before the exams as i kept on staring at the bare walls around me with a sullen sight.It seemed to me as if i was caught up in a web of endless miseries and my heart sank down into a well of bottomless worries.

The drones of the king of boredom,Mr Dinga was the only thing which was lingering in my mind.His lectures followed by a questioning session were quite sudorific but were of a highly volatile nature and nothing seemed to be left at the end of his terror filled sessions.
Never could i forget the tinge of devilishness blended with a sarcasm in the corner of his eye through the edge of his round glasses.
His haunting memories were shattered by a scratch on the door made by my cat and i turned around to see my ever pleasent pet cat thyupa.I played with it for a while and with a light heart I tried my level best to concentrate on the studying part of it.
I gazed and gazed and gazed at the twisting theories and the piercing problems in order to find those sacred solutions but in vain.not even a minute part of it seemed to go into my nut.
adding to the misery was that it was the day just before the exams..I would rather term it as the ZERO HOUR when the time refused to move ahead.
The whole day was caught up in teh mighty fist of the ZERO HOUR and was lost in the darkness of the temporary ignorance.

The next day dawned bright as usual with the pleasent sun smiling at me trying to fill in me with some fragrance of freshness.Inspired by this i forcibly drove my mind again into the endless maze of miseries with a faint hope of succeeding and finally managed to grasp a little part of it.
I was glad that my tries were fruitful to some extent and I thanked the radiating sun for the bright start in the morning.

I entered the battleground still with a thumping heart . A hidden fear still existed in some corner of my mind and finally it was all over as I flipped through the answer sheets for the last time.I had managed to reproduce quite a few thing which I had mugged up and I came out quite satisfied.
"It was not that bad afterall" I thought as I stepped out from the ever fiery place.

Now my mind was all set to face the next ZERO HOUR the next day once again.......